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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 8, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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#change it to steve. >> >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this especially report, fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. >> this is a fox news alert. two vicious and very dangerous men killers including a cop kill remember on the loose. they cut their way out of a maximum security prison. at this hour federal marshals, new york state troopers and law enforcement on the alert or on the hunt for these two men. our border patrol also on alert doing everything they can to seal off part of the u.s. and canada's border. these two killers staging unbelievable escape from the maximum security prison in upstate new york. new york governor andrew cuomo and investigators speaking to the media. >> this was a really elaborate plot. if it was in a movie script, you would have said it was overdone. this morning we noticed during the standing count at
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5:30 a.m. at this facility, the two cells which were adjoining each other were empty. search revealed that there was a hole cut out of the back of the cell through which these inmates escaped. went on to a catwalk which is about six stories high. we estimate they climbed down and had power tools and were able to get out of this facility through tunnels cutting their way in several spots. i appreciate very much that the governor is here today. he actually walked to the cells to see firsthand the holes that were drilled in the back of the cells. he went to the catwalk to see their route of escape. he went counsel to the portions where they were able to cut through a steam pipe at both ends and finally he ended up on the street in the manhole cover. >> they left things in their bunks that looked like they
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were in the bunk and they were sleep. they weren't actual dummies but they had clothing on and it looked like people sleeping in the bunks with a sweatshirt hoody on which is quiet usual in terms of an inmate who is sleeping. if you walk by the cell, you apparently see someone in the covers with a sweatshirt on. >> david lee miller is outside the prison in dana marah new york. >> the other thing cuomo said the prison break put the state in a crisis situation. the tranquility of this adirondack mountain community has now been shattered. the inmates as you mentioned are among the most vicious that are housed at this maximum security prison. both of them convicted murderers. richard matt is serving it 5
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to life for murdering and dismembering his former boss. david sweat fired 22 times killing a sheriff's deputy and stealing a deputy's gun. he is serving life without parole. both of these men arguably have very little to lose it now seems increasingly likely that the men received help in their escape. authorities will not confirm published reports that a female civilian employee at the prison might have been an accomplice. the state police though will say that they are now questioning employees and inmates. but somehow the inmates got their hands on those power tools that we just heard mentioned and used those tools to cut through a steel wall as well as a number of other items. authorities say the tool was brought in from the outside. the former -- a former worker at the prison who was a maintenance employee says the two men must have been provided with either blueprints or schematics or
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else they could not possibly have navigated the maize of catwalks and steam pipes that they used to shimmy through to make their way to freedom. if the men had help as so many believe including new york's governor, the question now do they also get assistance with transportation once they were on the the outside? greta, they have now been free for at least 600 hours and with each passing minute catching them is only going to become more difficult. new yorknew york state is now offering an unprecedented $100,000 reward for information leading to their apprehension. authorities say they have now received some 300 tips, but at this hour, greta these two men could be just about anywhere. back to you. >> david, thank you. they also could have split up by this point. and clinton is a maximum
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security prison supposed to be escape-proof, how did two dangerous killers escape? authorities investigating obvious question did they get help and did they get that help from the inside of that prison? prison employee being questioned as a possible accomplice. jessi mckinley joins us. who is this woman that they are talking to? >> well, it's unclear as of yet. there is a lot of rumor and innuendo going around. what there is suggested that there is inappropriate relationship between the woman working at the prison and one of the inmates richard matt of the two men escaped probably considered the more vicious and more dangerous killer of the two. >> if they have -- in order to get out of there they had a couple of things that they had to happen. hide that they were leaving. counts in the prison every certain number of hours put the bundle in their bed to throw off the dog on that. tools and schematic and plan. somebody gave them the tools
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and schematic and plans. that doesn't get brought in a cake like a knife. >> absolutely. one the open questions here is how they got the tools. obviously one of the leading theories right now is that there is a lot of construction in the prison. the prison is a very old facility and that perhaps a contractor either intentionally or unintentionally left behind the tool that allowed them to cut the hole through the wall. in addition they managed to make very precise cuts in the steam pipes that they called through. in talking to people that do this professionally. they say it was unlike delay someone who didn't working knowledge of the tool would be able to make such a clean cut. once they got pipe, manhole about a thousand feet from here. managed to cut the lock out oof the manhole and exit out of that hole. all in all this was a fairly so he sophisticated operation that required not only the knowledge of the tools but the ability to use them. >> they have 60 hour jump right now on everybody. been on the loose about 60 hours is is there any information about how long it took for them to cut
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through this? was this something they have been doing for possibly days or weeks or is this -- they just started cutting and ran? >> the governor strongly suggested that this was not obviously an overnight operation. this wasn't something that they cooked up, you know, one evening and decided to do. this probably took weeks to plan. it may have taken weeks to actually perpetrate. in addition, there seems to be some evidence that the escape route may have been basically laid out in advance schematic. not something that they willy-nilly decided to do. >> jesse, thank you very much. who are these violent fugitives and how dangerous are they? >> first order of business is to get these killers back because that's what they are, they are killers. they both were in for murder. one of them killed a deputy sheriff. and one of them killed a
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former employee and dismembered him these are really bad actors and they are dangerous and we want to get them back. we taken the unusual step of the state offering $100,000 reward. we have a toll free number 11-800-give-tip. these are dangerous people. they are identifiable. they have tattoos. we urge people to look at the pictures of them. if they have any information, please send it to us. >> both inmates are serving time for murder one has a sentence of life without parole. ther is serving 25 to life for murder in the second degree. the one who serve something life without parole is named david sweat he is he male he was born in june of 1980. 51'1 156 pounds. second individual richard matt was born june 25th
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1966. he is 6-foot and weighs 210 pounds. >> and with the prison only miles from the canadian border, one huge question tonight, did the fugitives get out of country. u.s. customs and border assistant commissioner for u.s. customs and commission joins us. nice to see you sir. >> nice to see you greta dedicating helicopter full full-time to new york state police for search. asked for additional helicopter support in one of our black hawk helicopters to support special response teams. increasing manpower at checkpoints and canines and in our field operations which controls our ports of entry has under our outbound inspections and increased our whole security level and heightened awareness and also alerted canadian authorities the security
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association and the rcn. >> native american area up there. tribal region and can the u.s. border patrol enter that area? county new york and the police troops? it's like a nation of itself in some instances do you know if it is there? >> the border patrol has normally close cooperation with the tribal authorities and that's how we work in those areas up there i'm not aware of the specifics up there in new york itself. do i know you normally have good cooperation with the tribal authorities. >> do you know how far this prison is from the border? >> no, i do not trying to think whether they can walk across. i imagine it's quiet porous in that area. >> we patrol the area. the border patrol does and they do that they are very good at tracking people on the ground. the border is big and hard to cover. >> i suspect that every
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single car that's going across is getting extra inspection trunks, everything more than just high how are you welcome back to the united states? nice to see you? >> yes. the field operation operations people have heightened outbound inspections and i'm sure they are doing much heavier duty job of inspections. >> these two men have nothing to lose. worried about border patrols if they run into border patrol. going through a check point they have nothing to lose agents are trained well. interest v. to requalify four times a year. >> i don't doubt that they're highly trained the problem is if you walk up to car and smiling passenger and all of a sudden you surprised. it's a very dangerous job being border patrol. >> it is dangerous and heightened awareness helps but there is inherent danger. >> i'm told it's 20 miles to the border frankly in 60 hours you could walk that
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one who knows they could be any place. >> sir thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you greta. >> disturbing new video of the moment the police and fbi shoot and kill rahim the man accused of plotting to behead an american police officer. the boston school of -- joins us. nice to he see you. i understand the video. >> video shows it's grainy video. there is no sound on it filmed as at a burger king. how public this is. it's a parking lot. school bus goes by. it does show the encounter between mr. rahim and law enforcement officials. it's hard to tell some behalf transpires but toward the end it appears that mr. rahim sort of lungs at one of the officers and then it appears that he is shot.
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>> is there any -- is there a period where rahim has anything in his hand at all whether it's a weapon or flashlight or pack of cigarettes or anything? >> it's really hard to tell. the family has issued a statement that says you can't tell. there is nothing in his hand. they go up and retrieve something from mr. ha rah hermine from his hand. presumably they have. from the videotape it is hard to tell what he he actually has in his hand. >> in the statement issued byron sullivan on behalf of the family it says they are disappointed that the media wasn't shown the entire video, that it's not just a few seconds of confrontation. i mean, was the media shown the entire video he? where is the entire video and if they weren't shown the entire video, how come? >> it's hard to tell. there is only a portion of the video that has been released publicly.
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and that portion shows mr. rahim initially. he leaves the shot and you are not able to see him fully at that point. later you see the law enforcement officials surrounding him. their complaint is that the full video should be released that full video was shown to the family and it was shown to community leaders last week. >> all right. well pretty wise to show the entire video to the media so everyone isn't suspicious why didn't they show the whole video. matt, thank you. >> thank you. protests breaking out in texas. outrage as this video goes viral. [shouting] individualio showing a police officer forcing a teenager to the ground.
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natalie is in mckinney, texas. natalie, narrate what happened when you look at this video. what happened there? >> all right. well, what we see is officer arriving on scene. that video actually shot by a 15-year-old who was at the party with a friend of his. his name is brandon brooks. he captured that viral cell phone video. he and his friend heard about the party on twitter. he says things began to escalate when that fight broke out between the party promoter an african-american teenager and an adult white woman. now, according to several accounts the woman told the girl to go back to section 8 housing. police arrived shortly after that fight broke out. corporal -- and that is when we see him take down 15-year-old beckden. most of the kids at this pool were from the neighborhood and that he never imagined he would see
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an draw his weapon. i was scared someone was going to get shot and possibly killed. so i knew i had to keep on filming like because like that's -- i got really scared when he pulled out his gun. >> corporal said his behavior and language were in sharp contrast to the other officers. the officer did not try to detain him or his friend. both were standing close by he thinks because both boys are white. some residents say it is what you do not see on camera that may help explain corporal's response. one man we talked to says that the kids were running all over the place. that they were not complying with the officers. even cussing at police. we do know that one man was arrested for interference evading arrest. everyone else has since been released.
4:17 pm
greta? >> natalie. >> pool party if this fight broke up and the police show up and everybody is scatters and runs, wasn't it over at that point? everyone wanted to get out of there right? >> that's exactly right. when we talked to brandon brooks. he said that things were already starting to dispercent. kids were on the way out. they see police arrive the first thing they want to do is get home and get out of there. that's when the corporal starts yelling at them and telling them to sit down. according to brooks, the officer was singling out the african-american kids. he does say and he admits that the kids did try to walk away even after the officer told them to sit down. i asked him if he thought that that might have prompted even more anger from this officer. and he said, you know, probably so. >> all right. but at the time the police arrived. the core fight between the two women that was either wenting or dissipated and people were just leaving?
4:18 pm
is that a fair description of it? >> >> that's -- yes. based on what we have heard. that fight had already come to an end. between a teenage girl and an adult woman. those two people were still in that area, as far as we know, because one of the girls was a promoter. her parents were with her at that party as well. but, yes it sounds as if that fight had had already ended. police showed up. maybe, you know, in the seconds or minutes after. but that things were already dissipating and kids were on their way home. >> natalie, thank you. reverend al sharpton being called a pimp by another pastor. that pastor joins us. if you fly or know everyone that does you need to sit right where you are. new information about the tsa that will send chills up your spine. a live report is straight ahead. you total your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain.
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reverend al sharpton taking some heat big time. minister in hartford, connecticut called sharpton at a rally for peace. the pastor joins us. good evening sir. >> good evening how are you? >> i'm very well. i read that you accused renchd sharpton of being a pimp. >> yes that would be the case. >> so what happened? >> well, we were having -- they were holding a stop the violence rally in hartford, connecticut. and i guess the invited was supposed to bring some attention to the plight in the city of hartford. but once the rally and the march was ended there was a gathering at shiloh baptist church and there was a
4:23 pm
offering or a demand for money. and i thought that that was hypocritical and contradictory to the cause. how are you going to ask a crime riddled neighborhood that's impoverished $400 each donation without cause. doesn't say what the money is going to be used for. i thought it was pimpism at its best. >> does he know that you called him that? has he responded? actually i have not heard anything from reverend al sharpton or pat -- i do know that they are trying to be silenced by having me taken off the air. really the most important issue is that we, as pastors need to come together in the community to fix our own problems. and we don't necessarily see outside intervention or marches that really are not going to produce any type of
4:24 pm
slid result to fighting crime and creating employment and jobs and a neighborhood that's rife with poverty. >> you know, pastor, i'm so happy to meet you. we had a pastor on last week from chicago. there are so many great african-american leaders and pastors in these communities who are really trying to help in their communities and for the life of me i can't figure out why president obama has continued to work with reverend al sharpton to continue to work in these communities when in some communities he is not a wanted member he owes a million dollars according to the "new york times" scofflaw yet he is the one they turn to. why? >> you know, i couldn't answer that question. it's a question that i have asked myself as well. i can't say he is all bad we all have -- you know, the
4:25 pm
bible says for all has sinned and fallen short of the glory of god. >> something that's prevalent for some reason in the church that needs to be addressed. we do have some sharl tons and pimps in the pulpit that want to feed off the sheep. whoa unto the shepherds who feed off my sheep instead they should feed the sheep. what we need in the urban neighborhoods is economic development plan coming from the church, coming from the pulpit credited preparation. credit repair. home ownership business entrepreneurship. these are the things we need. we do not need marches or political grandstanding by outsiders their own agenda is. we don't need media attention. we need solid citizens put in place to address these
4:26 pm
issues. >> your community is very lucky. i hope people are listening to you because you have some great ideas. thank you sir. >> no problem. i also would like to say that pastor dion watkins at mount olive does have programs that he has put in place to do just the very things that i'm speaking of. >> we will check it out. >> i said that i would mention him as part of the rally and again my end result to all of this would be that for all of us as pastors and clergymen as the body of christ sit down together as brothers and reconcile our and come up with sound systems to help our neighborhoods and our communities and thank you very much for having me and thank you for your time. >> thank you sir. and, are police now afraid to do their jobs. "on the record" griff jenkins. ted williams hit the streets of baltimore to find out. that's next.ra te
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you got this. what's the story in baltimore. massive spike in crime. what do many people think about the baltimore police? "on the record" griff jenkins and former homicide detective ted williams hit the streets of baltimore to find out. >> there is some perception that the police are the bad guys here. do you support the police? do you want the police out here? >> yeah, sure. i would like the police to be out here so if i need one, i want them right there. >> you have police out here, you know, keep drugs murdering, definitely need
4:31 pm
to be out here. it just gets worse and worse without them out here. >> i don't see a whole lot of police presence. i think it's nice for them to be out here in the neighborhood. >> the community still feels as though it's under siege. >> with the police presence here i think a lot of this crime all the drugs the murder will stop. >> there is a an underlying fear that police officers are not here. they don't see police officers as much as they want to see them out here and they are very concerned. lack of police presence. one thing about it all police ain't bad. got good police out here and whatnot. i'm going to support them as long as they are doing their job. >> chaos in baltimore. any ideas how to stop it? a former lawyer with the justice department who wants to run for the united states senate from maryland in the republican party says he has an idea. chris joins us. nice to see you sir. >> greta thanks for being
4:32 pm
on. what we just saw citizens in baltimore city can't see the american dream because they are stuck in a nightmare. it liars a fix and we need a new direction. >> how do you do that because we have seen the fires, we have seen the cars lit on fire. cvs raided a lot of dissension there. >> for 30 years we have seen a lot of those problems, nothing new. people in baltimore city have lived under basically a war zone. i have experience at the justice department working to expand the circle of quality and opportunity. working for governor bob erlich, that's why we are getting off the sidelines and taking a serious look at the senate race. >> do the people want more police or are they resentful? we didn't just sort of cherry things out the ones who said nice things about the police. that's what we learned. >> no question they want to see more law enforcement. they also want to see a broken system fixed.rrests from last year at this point in time with the spike of homicides had 2 homicides in this just last month alone. 100 homicides in this past
4:33 pm
year. we have got to restore integrity in our justice system in baltimore city and we have got to make things better for everyone. more jobs, more economic opportunity. i think the pastor was right. we need to provide a different opportunity path for kids in baltimore city. >> you were intending or thinking on running for the senate from the republican party in maryland very democratic state. you are openly gay. is the republican party have a bigger test on those issues now? >> well, i think we are in a good position to run a different type of republican campaign in maryland and win. people want to see someone who is pro-economic growth. jobs. and moving our people and state forward the best way possible and it doesn't matter who i am. i will be the first greek or the second or whatever number of greek u.s. senator? the united states senate. we don't have one there it's not about identity politics a what we can do and difference we can make. >> social issues, so many social issues in the past that have sort of dogged the republican party. i'm seeing more and more
4:34 pm
those are being pushed aside is that to avoid them for the electorate or because more of the attention is on the economic? >> i think right now the focus for everyone is how to doo we create no are jobs and opportunity and solve the situation in baltimore city. today, you have a prosecutor who is running a politically charged investigation. i think, you know, my former boss the attorney general holder should ask her to step aside in the interest of fairness and justice to make our state and city safer. i think this is what is required. we need to be talking about the real issues. >> i'm trying to figure out about her. i don't know if she is really inexperienced or really political. i couldn't figure out. i don't know her. >> he will with, i think what we are see something that the investigation has some problems. and we are seeing that that could raise some serious issues for the people of baltimore city and the state of maryland. we need a different path and different approach there. >> you know, though, there are some things like the knife that so far she has been unwilling at least in the reports to shoat defense attorneys show the knife. if the knife is sill legal life, then the arrest is good. if it's a legal knife then the arrest is no good and so far maybe the rules don't
4:35 pm
require to do it before arraignment. they will be arraigned in july. she seems not to want to help this process. >> she is not releasing the autopsy as well. seeking a protective order to keep that away from more of the public to find out exactly how the process should work. we need more disclosure not less. we need more trust in our justice system, not less. and it's everything we are not getting right now from the prosecutor. >> do you want to be a u.s. senator? >> i do. >> why? >> well, there is this opportunity to make a tremendous amount of difference. i have had experience working for republican bob erlich working on criminal justice reform. i want to finish the job at the federal level. the war on drugs needs to be dismantled. >> what will you do on war on drugs. >> get rid of minimum sentences and have to put the focus on drugs and opportunity. the from government has an opportunity to run comprehensive pass comprehensive tax reform. we he can actually provide new hope and opportunities. a drug runner in baltimore city today may make $7,000 a year on a street corner. average manufacturing job
4:36 pm
pays 80,000 in the state of maryland. that's the type of path we need to provide. you know, a child that youth might be dead by the time they are 26. give them a better path. >> i think we have got to admit that the war on poverty which the united states so generously wanted to win is we have got to change our strategy because that started auto years ago and we still haven't won that one. we need to figure out a new strategy. whatever. >> we have to fix things and i think can i as a united states senator. >> i hope you come back. big campaign next door in maryland. nice to see you sir. >> thanks, greta. >> okay. who in the world is in charge of tsa. anyone? right here last week "on the record" covered you learned the tsa has a 96% failure rate when tested to see if bombs can be sneaked on board planes. it turns out that's only the tip of the iceberg. new information tonight. that's next.
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out of 42 vehicles based on 6 different criteria, why did a panel of 11 automotive experts name the volkswagen golf motor trend's 2015 car of the year? we'll give you four good reasons. the volkswagen golf. starting at $19,295, there's an award-winning golf for everyone. this is stunning. it just got so much scarier. now last week we told you that the tsa at the airport flunked 96% of the time to see if weapons could be
4:41 pm
secretly smuggled through security. and now well, hang on to your seat it just got so much worse. >> well, the bad news is, greta. that there are 70 or were 73 airport workers across america fully vetted and fully credentialed who are on the terror watch list. now can such a mistake happen? let me read one sentence from the ig report supposed to shed some light on the vetting process at tsa uninel teblely. opens the door to imtrable democracy of homeland security. identify individuals with potential links to terrorism. >> huh? >> no wonder 73 people with
4:42 pm
terrorist connections were hired as airport workers. the-to-translate into plain english the report found that airports hire their own workers. hand that list of employees over to the tsa which compares it against a constantly updated terror watch list it turns out othe airplanes have a different computer coding. it sa's computer algorithms were unable to read them. in other words, one of the same factors that led to 9/11 the inability of the federal agencies to communicate with one with another still exists at least in some measure. the ig has recommended six improvements. a tsa spokesman late today responded tsa concurs with all six dhsoig recommendations, the observation our ongoing efforts to improve the vetting of aviation workers. the tsa investigating of workers is mostly affected. there will be a senate hearing on this tomorrow. that is so awful. that is absolutely shame on
4:43 pm
all of them. we laugh car sass stickily but sarcastically but some people get on airplanes. no one cares, i don't think: commandos launching a daring raid and seizing massive amounts of information from isis. what did they get? >> fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us. >> cell phone. this is giving fix on how al baghdadi is operating specifically how is he computing -- communicating pardon me, with his small network of operatives. and he has gone to what i would call the bin laden fall back strategy, which is to use couriers and to avoid any kind of electronic communication because that's easily picked up. >> so what do we do now? >> what we are already seeing is that this data is opening up targeting opportunities. in this case what we're told is that there was a raid at
4:44 pm
the end of may that was linked to this new data and we also understand his wife, who was captured and handed over to the iraqis is singing pretty well with the interrogators. so she is able to give some human intelligence and all of this is considered valuable when you take it in concert with the other electronic data. >> i read general mcchrystal's book and is he talking about al qaeda in iraq. the problem is once you knock off information they are easily replaced and it just goes on. >> they're easily replaced but when it gets to the hierarchy it's harder to replace. what i would argue in this particular case is that after the raid, and we picked up the wife, all of these guys it's like putting down a light and the rats start scattering one of the things we learned over time people are on the move. this is when they're the most vulnerable. why new targeting opportunities have turned up they are afraid of what we now know.
4:45 pm
>> catherine, thank you. >> you are welcome. >> isis drilled explosive line tunnel deep below iraqi city. the goal to blow up government buildings and military bases. so what is president president obama's plan to destroy isis? here is what the president said today in germany. >> when a finalized plan is presented to me by the pentagon i will share it with the american people. we don't yet have a complete strategy because it requires commitments on the part of the iraqis as well about recruitment takes place and that training takes place. the details of that are not yet worked out. >> "on the record" political panel joins us. abc political director rick klein and daily beast jackie kucinich. rick, we now know who it is it is the pentagon because they haven't done a plan. iraqis. it's not the boss. the commander and chief who nine or 10 months ago was going to come up with a stragd. >> clear frustration from
4:46 pm
the president about partners. the kind of comments that make a lot of president's supporters frustrated with him. it's not like isis a new threat. we have had a lot of time to do. this prescriptions for what to do. big remedy, potential remedy is something he doesn't want to count which is send in additional american troops that could take care of the fact that you have this lag in training to give them those forward positions. as things stand right now to just admit there is not a strategy an explanation that falls pretty short for a lot of the folks who with watching. >> look at the "newsweek" cover, isis winning? question mark? it opens up talks about how horrible. i was stunned the president says he doesn't have a strategy. hough in the world is in charge here? that's his job. >> he is kind of darned if he does and darned if he doesn't. if he does have a strategy it clearly is not working at this point. look at what is happening. very excited to put out that that they killed isis leader and the next day they took
4:47 pm
are a ramadi. one step forward and nine steps back: fodder for his opponents. they don't want to put boots on the ground. >> i guess it keeps -- how you cannot have any -- this is his job to be in charge. it just is what's wait and see what the pentagon comes up to. basically blame the pentagon. my guess is the pentagon probably has been telling him some things that he probably doesn't want to hear. the whole idea is that, you know. should be -- demand answers from the pelc. give me the answers. >> there are pieces of strategic. the problem is he doesn't like those answers. even in marine corps meetings with the allies growing pressure point. the white house try to explain this comment today about the particulars around training. this is a bad thing to say on the record. >> this is what "newsweek" says while washington rings its hands. this says, in other words that they have no idea what
4:48 pm
they are doing. sitten on their hands. where are we going? >> this certainly doesn't refute that what he said today. provides more uncertainty. probably makes the american people nervous. >> no one wants that. >> >> i want a plan. >> we have seen people over there in the region. we know that they want to be doing more. a lot of advice out there but the potential for american troops to play. people in the region can do it. it's fine as a goal but not to have that backed up. the numbers don't even make a difference when you talk about killing individuals. >> let me repeat. it sort of is the job to be in charge and to have a strategy some time than to sit on your hand for at least 10 months when he last spoke to us about it. panel, anyway, thank you.
4:49 pm
incredible story about a bus driver. the bus driver joins us. that's next. daughter: do you and mom still have money with that broker? dad: yeah, 20 something years now. thinking about what you want to do with your money? daughter: looking at options. what do you guys pay in fees? dad: i don't know exactly. daughter: if you're not happy do they have to pay you back? dad: it doesn't really work that way. daughter: you sure? vo: are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab.
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do you ride the bus? if you do you want this driver. tim watson he is a hero. he saved the day. he stopped the kidnapping of a 3-year-old child. how did he do it? bus driver tim watson joins us. good evening, sir. >> how are you doing greta? >> okay. so tell me what happened. >> oh, basically took a lot of work of all agencies. [audio cutting out]
4:54 pm
from the library. gave me a description of the suspect and the description of the boy. so then i have to put in place are they on my bus since i am close to that area. i was pulling out of the great mall transit center at 11:13 that morning. >> and i think the audio just went out on tim. i will tell you one thing. he had these two people on the bus and he tricked them into thinking that he was stopping for some other reason, the cops got on and tim saved the day. and tonight new developments in the d.c. mansion murder mystery u.s. immigration and customs enforcement has flagged darron wint for deportation. suspect charged in the. if convicted wint could face deportation to yanna where
4:55 pm
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see you tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. don't forget. be here tomorrow night. good night from washington. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> when a finalized plan is presented to me by the pentagon then i will share it with the american people. the details of that are not worked out. >> details not yet worked out? are you kidding? it's been two years. last august, president obama said this: >> we don't have a strategy yet. >> what the deuce is going on? charles krauthammer has some thoughts. >> if you were president would you return the federal prosecutions in the states like colorado, washington state? >> yes. >> governor chris christie saying he would stop the legalizing of pot in states like colorado. but why? we'll present the facts. >> bruce born with m


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